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        DHC1200 Vials Blister Packing and Cartoning Packaging Line

        Product Description

        DHC-1200 Blister and cartoning Produce line is the first domestic packaging speed more than 1000 bottles / minute ,suitable for various types of vials intelligent automatic blister packing and vertical cartoning.

        Excellent operational performance and efficient product output                      

        High-efficiency feeding system 

        Modular design of the mold, with quick change function

        Suspension structure , meets with the structure of the human body engineering, with Intelligent interface

        Easy to clean and clear, with smooth surface and no dead angle. 

        Technical parameters
        Max Output : 120cartons/min   1200 bottles/min
        Max Forming area and depth: 245 x 130 x 35mm
        Leaflet size 


        Leaflet material 50-70g/m2
        Carton size  (65-200)x(25-60)x(15-60)mm
        Carton material 250-350g/m2
        Power: 380V 50Hz 8Kw(200V, 60Hz)
        Air compressor: 0.6-0.8Mpa  >= 0.8m3/min
        Weight: 4500kg