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        DHC-250P Injection Blister Packing Cartoning Packaging Line ( horizontal loading)

        Product Description


        The production line for injection / Ampule/vials /syringe (horizontal loading )Blister packing and cartoning.

        The components of the entire line adopts of advanced human-machine interface, independent of PLC control and alarm system to ensure normal operation and operation simple.

        Servo mechanical feeding device to ensure the accuracy of feed.

        Aspects of the operation of advanced detection methods, safe and reliable online detection system, so that product quality is 100% guaranteed.

        Technical parameters
        Max Output :

        ≤100 cartons/min 

        Max Forming area and depth: 245×130×30mm
        Leaflet size : (100-200)×(100-150)mm
        Carton material: 250-350g/m2
        Carton Size: (65-200)×(25-85)×(15-60)mm
        Leaflet material:
        Air compressor 0.6-0.8/Mpa≥0.8m3/min
        Power 380V 50HZ 8Kw(220V, 60Hz)
        Weight  4000kg